Breeding aims and standards in the Old Kladrub Horse The breeding aim for the only original Czech breed of horse, which is founded on Spanish-Neapolitan blood and has been bred here for over 400 years, is the gala carriage horse - the majestic carriage horse used for ceremonial service. Some horses are also used for competition carriage driving, and some select individuals for dressage and recreational riding.

The exterior typically shows a large rectangular frame with noble proportions, a prominent Roman nose and a large lively eye. The neck is powerful, well arched. The withers can be less pronounced; the shoulder is slightly more upright, allowing a high action. The chest should be deep and proportionately wide. A good but not too long line of the back and body ends in sometimes shorter, but proportionately wide oval hindquarters. The lower part is lean and dry with epxressive, dry joints. The cannons are sometimes longer, but well profiled. The hoof is generous, hard and tends to be more upright.

The paces should be elastic, high and cadenced. The generousness of the action must not interfere with lifting the feet.

Standard basic body measurements of a three year-old horse:
Colts Fillies
Height at withers - cm (tape measurement) 174-180 169-178
Height at withers - cm (stick measurement) 162-170 159-168
Girth circumference - cm 190-200 190-200
Cannon circumference - cm 21.5-22.5 20.5-21.5
Weight - kg 570-670 545-645