Two Disciplines, One Majestic Breed

Kladruber Breeding Farm. Inc

KBF can give you the chance to establish a genuine friendship with horses; to learn the art of classical riding and carriage driving under expert tuition; correct lounging, work in the dressage arena both in the saddle and from the ground. Our philosophy is above all a humane, gentle and ethical approach to horse and animals in general.

Learn how to drive with the Royal mares

Peter Bullock chose the Kladruber breed for its unique driving quality, known and attested to for over 450 years in service to the Austro -Hungarian emperors. His farm has trained five mares over the last three years and today they are an experienced and reliable driving team. A breeding program is currently underway. The sight of a team of four elegant gray mares is enough to take your breath away. Everybody with a genuine interest in driving horses is welcome.

If you have a horse and want to teach him how to drive - we can help.

There are only white and black Kladruber horses. They are famed the world over as superb driving horses and for centuries were used to drive the ceremonial carriages of the Austro-Hungarian emperors. They have been bred and trained in the same place at Kladruby, 70 miles east of Prague, for over 450 years.

  • Dr. Peter Bullock M.D., Director of The Kladruber Breeding Farm Inc.,

ARIOSA, Kladruber Breeding Stallion, 12 years old.